Society for Perioperative Assessment
and Quality Improvement


  SPAQI is a collaborative forum of multidisciplinary professionals who continue to  learn, educate, innovate,                   and  collaborate to deliver high-value, safe perioperative practices.


  SPAQI professionals are committed to transform perioperative care through multidisciplinary collaboration


Brief History of the Society

The Society for Perioperative Assessment and Quality Improvement was formed in 2006, as a nonprofit, international organization with the goal of bringing together a variety of professionals in various disciplines to work together on all facets influencing optimal surgical outcomes. These elements include proper preoperative assessment and evaluation; optimization of pre-surgical status, appropriate and efficient resource use; integration of proper planning for postoperative pain management and appropriate use of alternative and complementary medicine techniques. We plan to share best practices, promote research, and provide a pathway for communication.


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